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Spanish Revolution (Toma la Plaza - English Version)

Thousands of people landed at Madrid downtonwn's Puerta del Sol on Tuesday afternoon. Having been summoned that very morning trough social networks, the time came and they appeared there surprising the high and low spheres and themselves.

The instigators of the movement welcomed the attendants: " We are too many but no one's unnecesary. A lot of people's missing and we want them here, otherwise we will be so few and we'll get hit". They were overwhelmed. They never thought their calling would have such acceptance. At 21.00 Sol had been conquered for thousands of indignants who finally decided on going out to the streets in order to express their unrest against the unfairness of a system which they begin to feel victims of.

Madrid, Acampada Sol. We do not leave. 18th March
"We don´t have a house, we're resting in the square", soon started to shout the people gathered there under the close look of eleven police vans which were watching over for safety and order in the area. "The whole Spain in tents" cause "we're not in facebook, we're in the streets", the manifestants chored.

Once again, social networks have played a key role in the organization of a meeting which ended being .massive. At 21.00 people were still there. Nobody wanted to go home. Maybe because everyone were equally fed up, and at the same time, they were sure that something was happening, something that wouldn´t be repeating.

Then the whole thing began to get organized. People were divised in committes and the groups, forming assemblys, began to work. Ideas, discussions, speaking turns and hands lifted to express wether they agreed or not.

Meanwhile the camp was being lifted up. Canvas, tents, sleeping bags, water, food. "From now on our distinctive color will be yellow. Yellow like the sun cause a new sun is born in Sol" (Sol meaning Sun in Spanish), announced one of the responsable of the art committe.

Everyone wanted to add something. People were eager to talk. But if there's something the organization has stressed it is not to drink to avoid being seen as a "botellon"(macro parties in Spain were young people gather in the street to get drunk) and, second, and most important, in "pacific resistance". "We act trough words, we don't want brave ones. Nobody's facing the police. Pacific resistance. Our weapons are our hands", they insisted again and again.

So finally, they didn´t left. Something has awakent and we're not leaving. Tonight the square in Madrid and in many other Spanish cities have been taken. They're not criminals nor people lacking judgement. They're citizens, a group of individuals who are not bonded with any political party or organization. They're people who've decided to movilize so that they may claim for the rights they feel are being taken away.

One night is one night. Tonight, unlike the night before, the police has decided to step aside and not remove the settling away. But the indignants keep claiming that "this is not a one day thing" and that "revolution has begun". They want more. In the streets, in the internet, and since today in www.tomalaplaza.net . And they're planning on staying in the square until Sunday, election day in Spain.

They're not asking for votes, nor money, nor gifts. They want a real democracy, control of the big economic entities, fiscal politics for better wealth distribution, economic politics for general wellbeing, decent maintenance and laboral rights, control and reduction of people indebtedness, the right to a house, movility and universil citizenship.
It's now or never. It's time. Indignaos!

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